Cow-Share Info

We are currently accepting new cow-shares at Cotton Run Farm. Please email to be added to our cow-share family. Thank you!

**In order to obtain raw milk in the State of Indiana, you must own your own cow, or a share in a herd. Under the current statutes, the selling of raw milk is illegal in most States. The laws of Indiana state that “every particle of milk or milk product that is offered for sale, sold, delivered or possessed with the intent to sell or deliver to a consumer be pasteurized” [IC15-2.1-23-1 & IC15-2.1-23-8.5(a)].

The fees for herd shares, boarding, and milk jugs are as follows:

One-time herd share purchase: $100.00

Monthly boarding fee per share: $32.00

Monthly Jug fee per share: $3.00

Gallons of milk per month per share:  4

Once you buy into the herd, you will pay a boarding fee for the cows. In turn for your boarding fee, the farm will care for the cows, feed, and milk the cows daily. As the stable that boards a horse gives the owner benefits of riding, the benefit from boarding your dairy cow is the raw milk produced daily. Per the board of health, we use a new plastic milk jug with each gallon. Cotton Run Farm will not buy back your share, but you may sell the share to someone who is interested in our cow-share program. However, if our milk supply is tight, we have the right to place new cow share owners on a waiting list. We will not refund the cost of cow shares or milk jugs fees. You will pick up your milk at the farm as we do not deliver.

Per availability, if you need more than 4 gallons a month, you may purchase more shares. If you would like to own more than one share, just multiply the amounts above fees by the number of shares desired.

For further clarification:

$100.00 to buy one herd share (one-time fee per share).

$35.00 per month boarding fee (includes jug fee).

Allotted 4 gallons a month per share.

**Our cow-share program and farm market are separate businesses. We do not bill for market purchases. Please make a separate check or cash for your cow-share boarding fee.

We have an open door policy and welcome visitors at any time to visit the farm and observe the herd.

For more information on the benefits of 100% grassfed beef and raw milk, check out our Health Benefits page Here!

Welcome to Cotton Run Farm!

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