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With spring in full swing things have been very busy, exciting and fun here at Cotton Run Farm. We have meat chickens out on the pasture. We also have had several bee swarms that a local bee farmer has caught. We have plowed up some ground to plant sweet corn to sell in the farm store. We continue to work on putting out a garden with a varied of vegetables.

We are stilling planning on doing Thanksgiving turkeys! We would like to have lamb if there is enough interest in it. Cotton Run Farm would like to have a varied of meats for all different tastes!

Here at Cotton Run Farm we love meeting new people and learning what we can do to provide the natural food they seek!

If you have any questions about the items we carry in the farm store or about shares in the dairy herd please feel free to contact us by phone 765-745-1221, by email lutherlinville2@gmail.com or by facebook Cotton Run Farm.

Blessings from Cotton Run Farm

Luther & Heather Linville