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As for all who have been following us and taking this adventure with us, you know how excited we are about getting the Dutch Belted from Apple Family Farm.

If this is your first time hearing about us here at Cotton Run Farm please let me take a little time to tell you about ourselves. My name is Luther Linville. I grew up on a dairy farm in Rush County. I married my wife Heather almost 18 years ago. We have six children ages 16 to a set of twin that are 5. My family stopped milking about 20 years ago, it has always been my dream and passion to milk cows. And with the help of Mark and Nora Apple owners of Apple Family Farms and you that dream is soon to be a reality.

We are offering shares in the dairy herd which will provide you with fresh grassfed milk. We will also be offering grassfed beef and several other products. We started building the milk parlor and store at the end of January and it’ll be up and operational in two weeks. If this is something you would be interested in doing or would like more information about please  contact us by phone at 765-745-1221 or by email at lutherlinville2@gmail.com.

Thanks and Blessings

Luther and Heather Linville at cotton Run Farm