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20150215_09470820150215_09473120150215_09473120150215_094656     These past few weeks have been crazy! The milking parlor and store are almost ready and with spring right around the corner we are ready to gear up for a new grazing season. Getting the Dutch Belted cows from Apple Family Farm moved to our place is going to be quite a time. As you know they make a pretty picture out on the pasture.

We wanted to address some concerns about traveling distance. We know long drives can be challenging but we would like to offer some incentive. If you are willing to help coordinate multiple pickups with other share owners we could offer some discounts. If interested please call us at 765-745-1221. We can discuss options.

We give our sincerest thank you to all who have supported us and those who have chosen to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Blessings from the Linvilles at Cotton Run Farm