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Hello from Shelby County, Indiana! We are a multi-generational farm family which specializes in growing life naturally, God’s way. We desire the purest surroundings, food, and life for ourselves, loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

Our family has lived on the border of Rush & Shelby County, Indiana for four generations. After we married, 17 years ago, we began our life on a beautiful piece of land running along Cotton Run Creek, just over the line in Shelby County, where we are raising our six children.

Our Beef cattle and Dutch Belted dairy cattle are 100% grassfed and are never fed any steroids or growth hormones. The cattle are pastured on our own fields during the grazing season and then fed high quality haylage and hay during the winter months. They are never fed antibiotics, animal by-products, or any grain products. We believe in preserving the microbial life in the soil, therefore it is important to keep the soil nutrients balanced. No GMO seeds or feed is used on our farm, and everything is chemical and growth hormone free. All animals have access to the outdoors year round. Herd shares for grassfed raw milk are also available locally.

Feel free to contact us for info on our 100% grassfed beef or raw milk cow-shares.


Luther & Heather Linville

Cottonrun Farm (1)